What are the Consequences of leading a Sedentary Lifestyle in the Office?

Out of all the OECD countries, New Zealand has the third highest obesity rate, and that obesity rate is still rising according to the Ministry of Health. Obesity is often associated with diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke, ischemic heart disease, some common cancers, sleep apnoea and more. A key factor that is contributing to the rise in obesity, is people leading sedentary lifestyles in the office.

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Laura BurnsComment
The importance of a trial

Perpetual Guardian’s four-day week has been a full-blown success – but the transition to a more productive workplace did not happen overnight. It involved a pre-trial planning phase, a two-month trial and a thorough review before it was finally implemented. This process spanned nine months.

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Andrew BarnesComment
The business case

When people ask me about the goodwill factor of the four-day week, I remind them that first and foremost, I’m a businessman. I want a profitable company. The extraordinary equation of the four-day week is that by putting productivity first, and incentivising staff to do the same, the value ripples beyond the boardroom and the balance sheet to the home lives and personal wellbeing of workers.

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