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Andrew Barnes – Founder, Perpetual Guardian

Andrew Barnes – Founder, Perpetual Guardian

Andrew Barnes

Founder of Complectus Limited, Perpetual Guardian and Coulthard Barnes

Innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrew Barnes has made a career of market-changing innovation and industry digitisation. Most recently, in New Zealand, Andrew triggered a revolution of the entire fiduciary and legal services industries, and the transformation he has led as the founder of Perpetual Guardian has positive implications both locally and globally (as evidenced by his announcement of the four-day week, which made headlines around the world).

The result has seen him establish 4 Day Week Global and the 4 Day Week Global Foundation with his partner, Charlotte Lockhart. Their vision for this is to provide a community environment for companies, researchers/academics and interested parties to be able to connect and advance this idea as part of the future of work. Through this work he is on the board of the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University.

Andrew is a director of Complectus Limited, the company encompassing Perpetual Guardian and several other trustee businesses, is the director of Coulthard Barnes, chair of both the Regional Facilities Auckland board and  the publicly listed New Zealand payroll provider, PaySauce. PaySauce recently launched a new draw-down service to give employees interest-free access to money they have already earned as soon as they earn it aimed at preventing people having to resort to pay day lenders (which charge up to 700% interest).

Earlier in his career, Andrew identified the opportunity for the evolution of real estate in Australia and was chairman of realestate.com.au at the time of its IPO on the ASX. Later, he becameCEO of Bestinvest, a US$5.7billion, UK-based investment management and advisory company, leading the sale to private capital in 2007. He was managing director of Australian Wealth Management Limited, a major Australian wealth management and trustee business that he led to IPO in 2005. Andrew holds an MA from Selwyn College, Cambridge and an ACIB (UK), and has attended the Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School.

Andrew also saved the historic classic racing yacht Ariki from near-ruin by purchasing her and undertaking an extensive restoration project which saw Ariki re-launched in April 2018 at the National Maritime Museum in Auckland where she is now berthed.

Andrew is a sought after keynote speaker and is regularly asked to address audiences internationally on subjects as diverse as governance, philanthropy and business, leadership, entrepreneurship, team culture and change management topics.

You can contact Andrew on andrew.barnes@4dayweek.com

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Charlotte Lockhart – 4 Day Week Global

Charlotte Lockhart – 4 Day Week Global

Charlotte Lockhart

CEO 4 day week Global

Charlotte Lockhart is a business advocate, investor and philanthropist with more than 25 years’ experience in multiple industries locally and overseas.

As CEO for the Four-Day Week Global campaign she works promoting internationally the benefits of a productivity-focused and reduced-hour workplace. Through this, she is on the board of the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University and the advisory board of the US campaign for the 4 Day Week.

Charlotte has an extensive background in business, having worked in the financial and legal services sectors earlier in her career. She is on the advisory board of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, the not-for-profit membership organisation that promotes intra-Commonwealth trade, investment and the role of the private sector across the 52 member nations. Additionally, she is on the advisory board for the Kupe Scholarship Programme at the University of Auckland. 

In her earlier work with Perpetual Guardian, New Zealand’s largest and most dominant trustee services company and the originator of the four-day work week, Charlotte was a prominent consumer advocate, speaking for the financial and estate planning interests of New Zealanders and driving the company’s growth through innovative marketing and business development strategies.

An accomplished presenter, Charlotte is a frequent conference speaker on leadership, philanthropy and investment issues. She holds a variety of roles in the philanthropy sector, including managing the family foundation, The September Giving Trust, and the Classics 4 Charities Foundation. She participated in the 7th Peking to Paris Rally 2019 raising funds for the Sir Graeme Dingle Foundation and Sir Ray Avery Foundation in support of Youth Development. Charlotte also has interests in the arts sector and the wine industry.

You can contact Charlotte on charlotte.lockhart@4dayweek.com

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Christine Brotherton – Head of People and Capability

Christine Brotherton – Head of People and Capability

Christine Brotherton

Head of People and Capability

As Perpetual Guardian’s Head of People and Capability, Christine leads innovative and inclusive HR strategies associated with the company’s recruitment programme, organisational culture, employment relations and talent management.

Christine has built her experience over many years of leading HR initiatives, including for Bell Gully, a top New Zealand corporate law firm, Goldman Sachs JBWere (NZ), EYand other financial services companies in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Japan. Christine’s career has been marked by globally significant projects for diversity and inclusion, recruitment and retention of talent and organisational compliance.

Christine managed the practical design and implementation of the four-day week trial and later permanent roll-out across Perpetual Guardian. She is a sought-after mentor and international speaker with a wealth of experience and pragmatic advice to share with other organisations looking to implement this approach to flexible working.  

Christine holds graduate and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Otago.