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Employee Well-being, Productivity, and Firm Performance: Evidence and Case Studies

Jan-Emmanuel de Neve, Dr. Christian Krekel, George Ward, and a Well-being Committee are behind the robust evidence linking employee well-being with productivity and performance. They were able to leverage 1.8 million employee engagement surveys and link those to firm performance outcomes. It is the ultimate business case for why business leaders and policy-makers ought to invest heavily in workplace innovations such as the Four-Day Work week.

Read the evidence and case studies here.

Would a four-day week boost productivity? – BBC News

Analysis given exclusively to Victoria Derbyshire programme by the workers' union the TUC, has found one in eight of us are working over 48 hours a week, something they warn can have a severe impact on our health. Victoria Derbyshire's reporter Michael Cowan has been to meet the companies pioneering new approaches to improve the work life balance.

The shorter working week: a radical and pragmatic proposal

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