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New Zealand


NZ trust Perpetual Guardian to trial three-day weekends every week. Read more

New Zealand Herald

How would you like full pay for four-day week? Read more
More Kiwi companies eyeing four-day working week after Perpetual Guardian announces trial. Read more
Kiwi company trials 4-day work week. Read more
Mike Hosking: I'd turn down a four-day working week. Read more
Kerre McIvor: The joy of a four-day week. Read more
Big read: The dismantling of the nine-to-five work week in NZ. Read more

MSN New Zealand

Kiwi company introducing three-day weekends. Read more
Work four days, get paid for five: New Zealand company's new shorter week. Read more

Newstalk ZB

Would you like full pay for a four-day week? Read more
Firm founder explains why he is cutting his staff's working week. Read more


Perpetual Guardian to test four-day week. Read more
Duncan Garner: Four-day week, when can we start? Read more
CTU keen to explore four-day working week. Read more
NZ businesses should be innovative, but aware of complicated labour market. Read more

Radio New Zealand

Employer trials four-day working week. Read more
The Panel with Jane Clifton and Raybon Kan (Part 2) Read more
It's about being paid for five days, but working four. Read more

One News

New Zealand company trialling a four day week. Read more

The Rock

A NZ company is trialing three day weekends, and we reckon it's your turn next MediaWorks..... Read more

Radio Live

Kiwi company to trial four-day work week. Read more

Otago Daily Times

Kiwi firm to test four-day work week. Read more

The Spinoff

Cheat Sheet: Could we work less for the same pay? Read more

The Edge

Four day working weeks could be coming to New Zealand. Read more

Kiwi firm trials three-day weekend. Read more
Is the traditional 9-5 working week finally dead? Read more

NZ Farmer

New Zealand firm trials four day working week for five days’ wages. Read more

Greater Auckland

Work fewer days to bust congestion? Read more

Live News

Speech to the Productivity hub on The Future of Work: Adaptability, Resilience, and Inclusion. Read more

Rotorua Daily Post

Opinion: Four-day working week worth a shot. Read more

Architecture Now

Flexible working in architecture: part one. Read more
Flexible working in architecture: part two. Read more

Work New Zealand

Could a Three-day Work Week Really Work? Read more


The New York Times

A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result Read more

The Times

Four-day week ‘makes us work harder Read more

The Daily Mail

Would we all be better off working four days a week? New Zealand company claims trial was a success with NO loss of production (and much happier staff) Read more

The Guardian

Work less, get more: New Zealand firm's four-day week an 'unmitigated success' Read more


A New Zealand Company That Tested a Four-Day Work Week May Make It Permanent Read more


4-day work week is a success, New Zealand experiment finds Read more
Why this company switched to a four-day work week. Read more

Evening Standard

Four day week on five days' pay improves staff productivity, study finds Read more

A Plus

A New Zealand Company Tested A 4-Day Work Week. The Results Speak For Themselves. Read more

Fox News

New Zealand company tested four-day work week, results may surprise you Read more


Four-day working week trial at New Zealand company so successful its boss wants to make it permanent Read more


A New Zealand company tried a four-day work week. It was a 'resounding success' Read more


Four-Day Workweeks Create More Productive Employees, New Study Shows Read more


A 4-Day Workweek Is Not Realistic for Most Companies. But Here's A Simple, Practical Way to Improve Your Employees' Work/Life Balance. Read more

Fast Company

The four-day work week is good for business Read more